Bernie Sanders is Toast
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A source inside Bernie’s camp, who is heavily involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign told Tusker Daily that despite their subterfuge that he’s currently assessing how his campaign will move forward.

Bernie Sanders has already told his management team that “He’s Done.”

And with the Sanders campaign announced last night they have suspended all Facebook ads, it only supports what our source has told us, that Bernie is toast.


Bye, Bye Bernie

After losing by almost 40 points to Biden in Florida Democratic primaries, and also losing by double digits in Illinois (23%) and Arizona (12%) on Tuesday.

Joe Biden now has an almost insurmountable delegate lead — 1,147 to 861.

Our source who I consider a very loyal Bernie Bro stated to me that Bernie Sanders is telling his campaign managers that “He sees no path moving forward in which he wins the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination”

For transparency’s sake, our source is also a friend, and while we differ greatly in our political views, I’ve considered him a friend for over two decades.

If on the rare occasion we do talk politics, our conversations are both civil and quite informative. But in truth our love for the Kansas City Chiefs far outweighs our love of politics, so 99% of our conversation revolves around the happening inside the Chiefs Kingdom.

This also makes the liberal argument that you can not be friends who are supporters of Donald Trump simply asinine. 


Bernie’s Is Truly Angered By The Millennials

Lulled into a false sense of security by Millennials who came to his rallies by the thousands, our source said that Bernie was not only upset but angered that they did not turn out to vote in the primaries.

Sanders was quite honest in talking about his belief that he was starting a movement,

But despite every political expert saying that young voters are the most unreliable age group to count on. Bernie steadfastly believed they would show up.

Not surprisingly, as history has proven time and time again, they didn’t.

The big question now becomes how to quell the Bernie Bros anger enough that they will support Joe Biden, whom they truly despise.

And for that to happen the Democratic National Committee (DNC) knows they must placate Sanders, in order for him to placate his ‘Bernie Bros’.


Bernie Sanders Negotiating A Buy-Out

Our source told us late Wednesday night that the Sanders campaign is currently negotiating with the DNC to avoid an all-out war between Bernie and the Democratic establishment.

The DNC is hoping for a graceful exit by Sanders and avoiding a replay of the ‘rigging’ accusations that plagued the Democrats presidential campaign in 2016.

Many in the DNC still believe Hillary lost the election because Sander’s supporters stayed home, rather than vote for the establishment candidate.

In spite of Bernie having less of an impact in 2020 than he did in 2016, this time according to our source.

Bernie Sanders will not drop out of the race until he has some assurances that Joe Biden will not only run on some of his and Elizabeth Warrens ‘Free, Not Free’ giveaways, but that he will enact these progressive policies if he wins the Presidency.

Our source told us that there are five policies in particular that the Sanders team is currently negotiating on before Bernie agrees to go quietly into that good night.

      1. Student Loan Forgiveness.
      2. Tuition-Free State Colleges.
      3. While Joe Biden is not a single-payer healthcare supporter. Bernie will accept an assurance that Biden will completely revise and strengthen the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) or as it’s more commonly known as ‘Obamacare.’
      4. A $15 national minimum wage.
      5. At a minimum, a return to the Clinton Years Corporation Income Tax Rates, where corporation paid as much as 38%. 

Interestingly, I asked my source “No mention of the Green New Deal?”

He told me in his opinion Bernie has very little interest in pushing the “Green New Deal” knowing it’ll never pass and is simply unworkable in its current form.

Bernie only supported it due to ‘The Squad’ being so influential with the same millennials he was courting.


When Will Bernie Sanders Announce The End?

Bernie has less leverage than he did the Day After Super-Tuesday

Speaking to my friend after Super Tuesday he noted that the Sanders camp was angered by the DNC.

As it has now become apparent, the Democratic establishment was completely taken aback by how badly Joe Biden did in the first two primary results.

What they feared most was Bernie Sanders winning California by such a huge margin that the Gaffe prone Joe Biden would never recover from.

Clearly, the Democrats started bribing other candidates to drop out so their supporters will rally around Biden and it wasn’t sitting too well with the Bernie Bros.

The day after Super-Tuesday Sanders supporters believed that the DNC was once again rigging the elections against their beloved Bernie.

But despite believing in the Democrats Super-Tuesday shenanigans, Sanders losing the latest primaries by such substantial numbers was a sobering wake-up call for his supporters.

While the reality about how much actual support Bernie Sanders may be different.

The DNC is still taking the threat of the Bernie supporters sitting out the 2020 election as they had done in 2016, very seriously.

According to our source, until these negotiations are completed, Bernie will continue to act as if he is reassessing his campaign.

But he suspects Bernie may announce by Friday night, or early next week, depending on his mood.

If Bernie feels disappointed in himself or his millennial movement not showing up to vote, he will announce late Friday to lessen the media impact.

However, if Bernie is confident in the assurances he received that at least part of his agenda will move forward and is also looking for one last hooray.

Then he and Biden will have a joint news conference early next week to announce Bernie is wholeheartedly supporting Joe Biden’s 2020 candidacy.

At which point the DNC can only hope that it’s enough to quell any bitterness among Bernie’s supporters.

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