Neera Tanden and Hillary Clinton
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Well, Joe Biden did say he wanted to unify the country, but I suspect this isn’t what he had in mind when he announced that Neera Tanden was his OMB nominee.

Both Conservatives and Progressives are shocked to find that in one of those rare few moments in political history they’re in absolute on with each other.

Both are outrage over the supposed President-elect picking longtime Hillary Clinton ally and avid Trump-Hating twittering twit Neera Tanden to run the Office of Management and Budget.

Neera Tanden Was Screeching About The Election Being Stolen Years Before Trump Ever Did

As TuskerDaily reported, after Donald Trump pulled off the greatest upset in American political history, Neera Tanden started screeching that Hillary Clinton had the Presidency stolen because…Wait for it…Russian hackers flipped votes to Trump.


TuskerDaily also reported that since Neera Tanden became Biden’s OMB nominee, the cuckoo conspiracy theorist has been busy scrubbing her gutter trash tweets from existence.

In fact, the Democrats Brave and Bold Twittering Twit have even gone so far as to hilariously replace “Progressive” with “Liberal” on her Twitter bio, as if she truly believed no one in the world had the capacity to screenshot.

Neera Tanden Office of Management and Budget

Neera Tanden Will Have A Hard Time getting Confirmed In The Senate…

Even If The Dems Win The Georgia Runoff Election

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, will need Senate approval for the position, which could pose a problem for the Democrat even if her party were to gain the majority in the body.

If Democrats win both Senate runoffs in Georgia, they will have split the chamber 50-50, with any ties to be broken by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

This means Tanden cannot afford to lose a single vote on the Democratic side — a risk given her relationship with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Sanders and Tanden’s rocky relationship dates back to the 2016 Democratic presidential primary when the Clinton ally played an intraocular part in helping Hillary rig the Democratic primaries.

WikiLeaks emails from that time also revealed that while Neera Tanden may call herself a “Progressive.” In one of the Wikileaks e-mails, Tanden referred to staffers at the progressive news website ThinkProgress as “crazy leftists.

The tension between the two re-escalated in 2019 when Sanders was once again seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination and Tanden was running the CAP Action Fund.

Sanders wrote a letter accusing the organization, and Tanden, of “maligning my staff and supporters and belittling progressive ideas” during the primary.

You can read more of Neera Tanden antics here

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