2020 Presidential Election Odds Trump will be reelected
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With President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial hopefully ending today, and Iowa voting on Monday.

Here are the latest odds from Las Vegas on who’ll win the 2020 Presidential election.


As we reported in December The House of Representatives impeachment #Schiffshow did little to impact President Trump’s odds of being reelected President in 2020.

Since then the Democrats stuttering alcoholic speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally sent the Senate their ‘Get-Trump‘ inquisition and Las Vegas has updated their odds of who’ll be the Commander in Chief in 2020.

Through the first eight days of the Senate’s Trump impeachment trial, President Donald Trump’s odds to win the 2020 U.S. election remained relatively steady.

President Trump’s odds to win the 2020 presidential election have ranged for months between +120 and +130.

Coming off his all-time high in early January, Donald Trump currently has a 57.45 percent probability to win the presidency according to the Las Vegas oddsmakers.

As far as the Democrats’ clown car of 2020 Presidential candidates at the moment, it’s now become a race between two old white man.

But don’t ignore billionaire leftists Michael Bloomberg who is trying to become relevant by spending his way into hopefully making this a three-way geriatric whitey race.

Here are the latest odds to win the 2020 Presidential election from Bovada.

2020 Presidential Election Odds Tracker

CandidateJan. 3Jan. 7Jan. 14Jan. 21Jan. 29
Donald Trump-120-115-145-140-135
Bernie Sanders+700+700+500+500+350
Joe Biden+500+400+550+450+550
Michael Bloomberg+1800+1600+1200+1200+1000
Elizabeth Warren+1200+1600+1800+1800+2500
Pete Buttigieg+1200+1600+2200+2200+2800
Andrew Yang+2500+2500+2500+2300+2800
Hillary Clinton+3500+4000+4000+5000+5000
Amy Klobuchar+5000+6000+6000+7500+10000
Mike Pence+6000+8000+8000+12500+12500
Nikki Haley+10000+10000+10000+15000+15000
Tulsi Gabbard+10000+15000+15000+15000+15000

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