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Raz Simone, the self-appointed ‘warlord’ of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), blamed the same time-traveling hackers that Joy Reid blamed after the discovery of decade-old homophobic posts were found on Razamataz’s Twitter account.

Simone, a failed rap musician turned BLM activist warlord, has risen to prominence as the leading thug in the left’s new nation of CHAZ.

But Raz’s newfound status has also brought him new scrutiny of his previous life of thuggery and non-wokeness.

This week, some right-wingers delved deep into Raz Simone’s digital footprint and shockingly, NOT shockingly, have dug up some of Raz’s very unwoke tweets from 2010 in which Raz spews homophobic slurs.

Screenshots of his tweets, which have now become shockingly deleted have been circulating online.

raz simone tweets homophobe

raz simone homophobe tweets from 2010

Of course, Raz’s unwoke hypocrisy is hauntingly similar to what happened to MSNBC’s lunatic fake liberal host Joy Reid in 2018.

After Reid’s old homophobic posts were discovered on her decade-old blog. She blamed time-traveling hackers for altering the contents of her website without her knowledge.

Unfortunately for Reid, despite her claiming that the FBI was on the case, an abundance of evidence soon came to light, and she was forced to issue a sorry, not sorry apology.

Remarkably, unlike some other figures, Joy Reid wasn’t kicked to the curb?

As the hypocrite #MeToo Democrats have done with Joe Biden, they let her off the homophobe hook virtually unscathed.

I suspect Raz’s ultimate fate rests with how well he warlords over the liberal’s new country of CHAZ.

If, or I should say WHEN CHAZ blows up in the liberals progressives woke face.

That will be the time the Liberal Progressive Democrats issue the order for CNN to be outraged over Raz’s homophobic hypocrisy.

Of course, even if this happens a week from now, CNN will promote it as a “Breaking News Story.” And it wouldn’t be at all shocking to see the Clown News Network claiming the story as a “CNN Exclusive Report”.

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