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Rick Wilson the infamous CNN #NeverTrump mental midget was back at it again showing his already low IQ was trending downward.

Poor Rick he was so triggered by a Domino’s Pizza tweet complimenting Kayleigh McEnany that he declared their brand dead and buried.

Unfortunately, the Lincoln Project’s Trump-hating dissident was so incensed that the bald-headed buffoon missed a slightly relevant piece of information….


Rick Wilson Triggered By Domino’s Pizza Tweet Thanking Kayleigh McEnany Proves What A Mental Midget He Is

Of course, a majority of the liberal Democrats mob of Twittering Twits were outraged.

But credit to some who at least recognized that ‘Facts‘ are just a little more important than Rick Wilson’s butt-hurt feelings.

Don’t Expect Too Much From The Liberal Democrats Triggered Twittering Twits

As we stated many times before, liberals can’t read past the headlines so it wasn’t shocking to see Rick Wilson’s idiocy being retweeted over 4,000 times and liked over 18k.

Luckily there were more than a few still sane Twitter users, who pointed out to Rick Wilson that no only was he an absolute jackass for his condemnation of Domino’s.

But it was also time for him to think about updating that calendar Rick has hanging by his computer.

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