WaPo Gets A Woman You Never Heard Of, Sue Schafer, Fired For Wearing Blackface To A Tom Toles Party Years Ago

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The Washington Post getting Sue Schafer, a woman you never heard of, fired from her job for wearing ‘Blackface’ to WaPo Cartoonist Tom Toles Halloween Party in 2018.

WaPo’s imbecilic article only proves just how absurd the media have become in 2020.

The  over an “offensive” blackface Halloween costume that some woman had worn to a party thrown by Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles two years ago.

But what made WaPo’s “3,000-word, two-byline investigation” far more egregious was the fact that this story targeted a woman, who was not a politician, and who, other than her family, and friends no one had ever heard of before they published their hit-piece

At the 2018 Halloween party at the home of The Washington Post’s editorial cartoonist Tom Toles,

A middle-aged white woman named Sue Schafer wore a conservative business suit and a name tag that said, “Hello, My Name is Megyn Kelly.” Her face was almost entirely blackened with makeup.

Sue Schafer is pictured dressed as Megyn Kelly in blackface at a Halloween party at Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles’s house in 2018. Gruber and Prince confronted her at the party. (Lexie Gruber)
Sue Schafer is pictured dressed as Megyn Kelly in blackface at a Halloween party at Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles’s house in 2018. Gruber and Prince confronted her at the party. (Lexie Gruber)

As many of you remember the former Fox News host Meghan Kelly, at the time of this party was just let go from her NBC morning show gig.

Kelly was kicked to the curb after triggering NBC liberals by defending the use of blackface by white people when she stated:

“When I was a kid, that was okay, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.”

But I digress.

Of course, the parties host Tom Toles was so offended upon seeing Sue Schafer wearing blackface that he never even bothered to kick her out of the party?

When WaPo’s two egregious triggered liberal lunatic reporters Marc Fisher and Sydney Trent tracked down the party-goers for their thoughts.

Most of the approximately 100 liberal leftist guests who attended the American University Park neighborhood Halloween party said, shockingly, NOT shockingly, that they didn’t even notice Schafer was wearing blackface.

I, of course, am not defending Sue Schafer’s blackface idiocy. But I am pointing out how the Washington Post no qualms about holding a non-politician, no-name accountable for attending a party that took place almost two years ago in which not even their liberal coworker found her costume objectionable?

But the same triggered Washington post was only able to give a half-hearted attempt to hold Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for his Blackface/white Hoodie wearing yearbook picture. Or that he/she blackface wearing buffoon Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

In case you’re wondering. Yes, Susan Schafer is a flaming liberal.

National Conservative media figures pounced on WaPo’s hit piece garbage:

Tommy Toles Does the Joe Biden two-step.

The 68-year-old Pulitzer Prize winner who draws cartoons from a decidedly Trump-Hate liberal perspective, originally denied knowing who Schafer was, when he responded to an email from a triggered liberal asking who the blackface wearing bitch was?:

“apologies for your experience at the party. A lot of people show up who I don’t know, and I don’t recognize the woman you’re inquiring about.”

But within days, it became apparent that Toles was lying. 

Not only had Tommy-Boy invited Sue Schafer to more than a few of his parties in the past. It turns out that she’s also a close friend of his family.

This forced Tommy Toles to do his rendition of the Joe Biden two-step excuse shuffle. 

As all ‘do as I say, not as I do’ liberal Democrats typically do after they get caught, Tommy Toles played dumb. 

Toles hysterically tried backtracking on his response, by saying that he somehow completely misinterpreted the “Who Dat?” email:

“I meant that I didn’t recognize any bad intent. I didn’t feel it was my place to tell her who my other guest was when she had misinterpreted what the other guest intended” with her costume.

So instead of Tommy Toles being a man and responding to ‘Who Dat?’ email by writing “It’s none of your business you triggered liberal loon” 

It seems to me that by Tommy Toles adding ‘that he didn’t feel it was his place to say anything to his blackface wearing friend of the family’ just made things far worse for himself, considering the insanity he and his liberal progressive pals are currently spewing.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for these authors to write follow-up calling for the firing of Tommy Toles, since he was not even bother by his close friend wearing blackface, and then lied about knowing her.

My guess, since Toles is now 68-years-old he’ll announce his retirement, and then in a few months, Washington Post will announce that after taking multiple diversity & sensitivity awareness classes we would like to welcome back Tommy Toles.

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