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At Wednesday’s White House press conference, Trump spox Kayleigh McEnany dropped some truth bombs on CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Apparently, CNN’s White House reporter Jim Acosta never gets tired of having Kayleigh McEnany play Whack-a-Mole on his head.

The first example came after Acosta took it upon himself to speak for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Acosta claimed that the DC Police used tear gas, and rubber bullets, something that had already been debunked by numerous real news outlets.

But even after McEnany cited sources in debunking it AGAIN. Undeterred by the truth, Jim Acosta repeated the claim.

McEnany also gave the egotistical fake news mouthpiece a WWE-like piledriver. As she documented the details about the clearing of supposed George Floyd protesters that CNN mysteriously leaves out in their reporting

AG Barr ordering the area cleared hours before Trump took his stroll to the church. Debunks another of CNN’s egregious lies that the cops cleared out the area in front of the White House, so President Trump could walk across the street for his photo-op.

Of course, as usual, ‘Dear Diary‘ had to regurgitate CNN’s narrative of these riots had a majority of ‘Peaceful Protesters’.

Amazingly, CNN has no problem painting the Police with broad strokes, but when it comes to the rioters, then CNN’s rules on judging a group becomes vastly different.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Egregious As Ever

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