Joe Biden Lies To Iowa Voter About Trump Job Growth
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An Apparent Iowa Supporter Of Joe Biden’s Wanted To Offer Some Sage Trump Debate Advice, But After Some Back and Forth.

This Iowa Voter Asked One Question That Sent Clueless Joe’s Brain Reeling To The Point Where Biden Flat Out Lied To The Man’s Face… And This Voter Knew It!


At a campaign event in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a voter who sure sounded like he was a supporter of Joe Biden started discussing the strong Trump economy with Joe Biden after his rally had ended.

The video (below) starts off with an unidentified Iowa voter trying to give some sound advice to Joe Biden on what to say when he debates President Trump.

Iowa Voter: “There’s only one way you can win this. When you’re on the stage with Donald Trump, you’re going to say, ‘Donald, you have done some good things, I’m going to take what’s good that you did, I’m going to add to it, and I’m going to do it with dignity.’ Not everything that the other side does is bad. Not everything about the Democrat ideas are good. There’s good in both.”

Biden: “No, I don’t say that… But you gotta give me a couple of the good things.”

Iowa Voter: “The good things: the unemployment is good now.”

Biden: “Yeah, unemployment is good but wages are down.”

I believe this voter was well informed of the numbers and knew Joe Biden lied about his supposed wage growth decline because the man started shaking his head no before pleading with Joe to face facts.

Iowa Voter: “Come on… Accept the, good. You said there is no good on the other side?”

Biden getting defensive: “I didn’t say that…I…”

Iowa Voter: “Name one thing that’s good from the other side.”

Biden looking even more clueless sputtered: “Damn, right now I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.”

Biden’s blank expression looked very much like my computer screen does when I try opening to many tabs, while playing a movie and listening to Spotify all at the same time.

A handler apparently seeing Joe Biden in distress quickly intervened saying “We have to go there’s plenty of people here,” as she started to pull Clueless Joe away from the far more informed voter.

Joe Biden Lied About Trump’s Wage Growth


Trump Wage Growth

Since President Trump took office real median household income has grown by $4,144 or 6.8 percentaccording to the Wall Street Journal. 

To make Biden’s lie even more egregious, the 3 percent to 5 percent wage growth the United States experienced in 2019 didn’t go to the rich it went to the United States’ lowest earners.

Under President Trump’s MAGAnomics policies the lowest-paid workers received the high end of pay growth, seeing their paychecks rising at the fastest pace since the early 2000s.

One must also remember that President Trump has received no help from the Democrats.

In fact, in early 2019 there was talk of passing a 2 to 5 Trillion dollar infrastructure bill before Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer realized with the Trump economy already running on all cylinders.

The numbers President Trump would achieve with this kind of infrastructure bill would be historic and would guarantee him victory in the 2020 Presidential election.

Bottom Line: If Joe Biden is so clueless as to not be aware of the economic numbers, then he shouldn’t be running for President.


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