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As more information about what happened to Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert, Friday night in South Dakota.

A source told TuskerDaily that it’s becoming more apparent that this was a racially motivated attack.

Goedert, who was reportedly out to dinner with his family at the Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, SD, when he was sucker-punched by an as yet unidentified assailant.

Goedert was hospitalized briefly but luckily escaped being sucker-punched with no apparent injuries.

New footage from what appears to be a security camera shared online essentially backs the story that Goedert was punched out of nowhere without any provocation.

Aberdeen Police were called to the restaurant at 1 a.m. on a report of “people busting glasses and have busted heads,” according to the Mitchell Republic.

The police department said it would have no public comment on the matter until Monday at the earliest.

It’s clear that there was some sort of altercation took place before the punch, but Goedert didn’t look to be involved.

If anything, Goedert seemed to be trying to deescalate the situation before getting he was sucker-punched.

According to our source, Aberdeen police are investigating whether the initial dispute between bar patrons who were not affiliated with Goedert, was racially motivated.

Goedert’s teammate and roommate last season, Avonte Maddox, chimed in on the incident Saturday.

“Yeah, lucky I wasn’t there,” the cornerback wrote. “Would have been some problems deadass.”

Fellow Eagles corner Rasul Douglas replied to Maddox’s tweet with, “Swear to Everything I’d be in jail right now.”

Philidelphia Eagle Lane Jhonson one of the NFL’s top offensive tackles tweeted:


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