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While Senator Tom Cotton was giving a speech which he called the woke child mob on the Senate floor on Thursday, in which he asked:

“So, where does this cancel culture take us? What is the logical conclusion? What is the end of the cancel culture?

It is right here, in this city, Washington, District of Columbia. That’s where it will end if we don’t put an end to the madness now.”

The Arkansas Republican Congressman accidentally kicked off the latest leftist mob insanity to rechristen the Washington Monument the “Obelisk of Wokeness.

The Cotton inspired mob tore themselves off their parent’s basement couch and proceeded to begin another liberal progressive hashtag activism campaign.

Of course, it came complete with its own Twitter handle and a Change.org petition which states:

We the people stand in unity for abolishing the celebration and commemoration of slave owners and racists, including statues of them, plaques commemorating them, and the naming of federal and state landmarks and buildings after them!

We sign this petition demanding that the inherent racism that this country was founded on no longer be celebrated.

The Democrats social media millennial mob then moved quickly to make an addition to Wikipedia’s Washington Monument page to reflect the new moniker.

After yelling upstairs “MOM! Where’s My Damn Hot Pocket, I’m starving from all this work?

One of these mental midget millennials navigated over to Google Maps to inform them of the mob’s new ‘woke’ name change.

Parent’s All Across America Were Left Dumbfounded.

Watching the lightning speed in which these millennial morons were moving to promote their latest ‘wokeness.’

Parents were left to wonder why their basement-dwelling kids weren’t able to move this fast when searching for a job?


Republican capitalists pounced on this latest liberal mob idiocy.

Right-wing entrepreneurs looking to grab a percentage of their allowances took advantage of the situation.

In these troubled times, the hilarity coming from the woke social media mob is never-ending and of course, we thank them for it.

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